Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Snowy Mountain Hike - Can you believe it's July!

 ~ Photos~
 Carson Pass Trail Head, Winnemucca Lake
 Marker to Winnemucca Lake, Pausing Near Frog Lake, Wild Flowers
Frog Lake, Dead Tree at Winnemucca Lake

We left the house around 6:40 A.M., and after stopping at McDonald's for breakfast, we began the two hour drive up to Carson Pass for our annual mountain hike.

Usually we see the mountainside covered in wild flowers with a few patches of snow. This year, there was so much snow that most of the way we could not even find the trail. Occasionally, we stumbled upon sections of it, only to lose it again under more snow.

However, all we had to do to reach Winnemucca Lake was to head in the direction of Round Top rising above it.
 ~ Photos ~
Following the Leader
View of Round Top, View of Caples Lake from trail
Snow Covered Hill Below Round Top
Clear Section of Hiking Trail
Winnemucca Lake Elevation: about 8999 ft.
It was a free fishing day, and the fellows had hoped to catch a few fresh mountain trout.
Alas, the banks of Winnemucca Lake were covered in icy snow.
All this snow made for a real adventure, a pleasant change from our regular hike.
Navigating Our Way Back
One for the Album, Winnemucca Lake
Trail with View of Round Top, Lunchtime at Winnemucca Lake
A Great Day for a Mountain Hike

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