Saturday, June 10, 2017

Midweek Camping

This week we camped at our favorite campsite on Morning Star Lake
This 34-year-old tent has seen many years of camping at this very spot.
I thank the Lord that we had no rain, because our tent is no longer rain poof.
We love it all the same. I have not been able to find another tent like it.
It has three completely enclosed separate rooms with zippers.
It rained here before we arrived and rained the day we left.
But we had two full days of warm sunshine.
The lake was even warm enough for swimming.

The boys rowed this log across the lake to our campsite.
Stephen wanted to go get it; Adam was not really enthusiastic, but he did it because it meant so much to Stephen.
In the end, I think they both had lots of fun.
This log provided many hours of entertainment.

Food! Praise the LORD!
What would camping be without it!
An evening snapshot of the campsite and the boys on the lake.

Aah - nothing so wonderful as a campfire breakfast!
I love taking photos of my coffee pot on the campfire ☺.
Coffee ☕

I also love photos of the lake when it is calm.
Sadly, a lot of fishing produced just about no fish.
(We usually catch our limit, but the new owners have not stocked the lake with trout.)
Bill did catch one bass. The boys had talked of cooking fish on the campfire.
At least they fulfilled that goal.
This bluegill was Stephen's only catch.
He left it in this pan of lake water. I told him it would probably jump back into the lake - which, a few hours later, it did.

Hikes around the lake is one of our favorite activities.
But more than anything, being keeper of the campfire is my best-loved pastime.
The fellows kept me supplied with plenty of firewood.
This deer came to see if there were any handouts.
Someone, I won't name names, threw it a couple of marshmallows.

The fellows insisted on a photo of me.
This is also my hand - a selfie.
I now have this photo of  my fishermen as my desktop.
We stayed up late waiting for a sky full of stars.
Although we only had the two boys with us, it was one great camping trip!


  1. That photo of your 'fishermen on the lake' quietened a lot of noise within me, Hope. Utterly peaceful. I can see why it's special to you too.

    1. Hello Caitlynne,

      Thanks for the friendly comment. We have been camping at this campsite since 1993. We missed a couple of years, but mostly it has been an annual camping spot.

      I especially wanted to go this year because it means so much to my youngest. He has hot had as many years of camping as the rest of them :)



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