Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter Days

 My daughter made a ginger bread house, and I made Russian Tea Cakes.
It's winter. It's cold outside.
I have been baking...
And enjoying a cozy fire.

Oh, this is not our fireplace. It's Netflix Crackling Birchwood (Fireplace 4K).
We have had burning restrictions for the last five days (six, today).
In the last 12 days, we've only been allowed to burn two day.

So I am baking. Praise the LORD, I'm baking!
Yesterday, I made two batches of bagels.
My son gets up at 3:30 many mornings for work.
I get up to make sure he gets breakfast.
He loves fried eggs. A little meat and cheese on it is nice too.
Norman Rockwell -granma & granpa's farm house kitchen - can you feel the love and cozy comfort there?  :):

 {Pine Branch Frame}


  1. My husband always speaks to us about his old aunt, 80 now, who, from his earliest memories, would wake up before anyone on the household, to make a simple breakfast of toast, omelette and hot coffee for her family. She had disabling rheumatoid arthritis, she suffered from cancer for many years before a miracle healing recently. But through it all, till today, she is the first one up in the mornings, making breakfast for her family. Since this aunt and her family live near the city airport, often, my husband stays with them when he has a dawn flight to catch. Some flights are at 5am, so he has to be at the airport by 3.30am.

    And Aunt is always up, breakfast ready for him.

    What is this, but love. Pure love. Just like yours.


    1. Hello Caitlynne,

      What a beautiful woman your husband's aunt is! I am picturing her, getting herself out of bed each morning in all that pain, determined and dedicated to provide a good breakfast for her family.

      Getting to the airport at 3:30 must be really exhausting. I am sure your husband is very thankful for his aunt and a place to stay.

      I love a comment with a good story. Thank you, Caitlynne, for taking the time to share this story with me.



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