Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Day


Today is baking day!

I'm baking:
Pumpkin pies,
Apple pie,
Pecan pie,
(Note: I will be using the
Pioneer Woman's
Perfect Pie Crust
for all of my pies.)
and my daughter is making her
Key lime pie.

There is a cozy fire in the fireplace...
U.S. "Weekend in the Ski Country", 1955.  U.S. Brewers Foundation //  by Haddon Sundblom  (1899-1976). "Sundblom gets pigeonholed as the painter of Coca-Cola Santa Clauses, but this trivializes his central place in 20th century advertising art. More than any artist including Norman Rockwell, Sundblom defined the American Dream in pictures, proved by his work for virtually the entire Fortune 500.:

Oh what a happy day!

vintage thanksgiving ads | Vintage Thanksgiving Advertisements (Prudential Insurance, 1950):

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