Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Cottage Dream

I love small homes. A great part of my interest in small homes is that I live in one. I get inspired by looking at other small homes.

My dream home would be a cottage by the seaside. Wouldn't that be lovely? I can just imagine this little cottage with a view of the sea. 

Mid Century Cottage Style Minimal Traditional - Nationwide House Plan Service - 1950s Home Design - The Duxbury:

This could be the kitchen.
1920's kitchen:

And here is the dining room.
1950s Traditional Dining Room by American Vintage Home, via Flickr:

This is one cozy corner of the living room -
Of course, there is a fireplace at the other end.
1949 Minty Fresh Colonial Living Room by American Vintage Home, via Flickr:

 And upstairs, we have the bedrooms...
bossy color | Annie Elliott Interior Design | Matchy-matchy walls and upholstery: Cool again, or too soon |

 1924 Floral Bedroom - Design Inspiration from 20s:

 And the bathroom.
vintage bathrooms in gray colors | 1926 Blue & Gold Scheme Bathroom - Crane Plumbing Fixtures:

Oh, how lovely to dream.

Only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving Day!

{All images on this post are from Pinterest}


  1. Oh my heavens - I want to live in the Duxbury! Every room is absolute perfection. I'm reminded of the "older" homes of my childhood, ones with flower splashed bedrooms and kitchen drainboards and baths that smelled of Camay and Palmolive and Cashmere Bouquet. I might hang around here all day, daydreaming. Just so you know ;).

    1. Hello Nancy,

      Those sweet old homes have so much character. I love rose chintz fabric and wallpaper; I don't believe that I could ever grow tired of it.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a delightful comment :)


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