Friday, July 1, 2016

These Feet Were Made for Walking

I love walking.
It is a perfect exercise, so easy to do.

 I walked 250.5 miles in June,
an average of 8.35 miles per day.
Most days I walked 8 miles, some days 5 miles.
My lowest two days were 2 miles and 3 miles.
The last 5 days of June I started walking 15 miles a day.

 ~Time for new shoes ~

My goal for July is to average 10 miles a day.

I watched the movie The Way, a few months ago, about several travelers 
who walk the Camino de Santiago through Spain and France.

The movie sparked a dream inside of me.
I probably will never walk through Europe, 
but I would like to maybe someday walk across the U.S.
My husband is not so big on the idea; however, one never really knows...

When I am out walking each day, 
through heat, thirst, and sweat,
I visualize that dream.

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