Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Turkey on the Grill

I love that my darling husband enjoys cooking on the grill.
He has always wanted to grill a turkey, 
but I have always like it roasted in the oven because I wanted the gravy.
What do you know, 
He got his grilled turkey, and I still got my gravy. (I saved it for another meal.)
And boy oh boy did this grilled turkey taste delicious!

That darling man always cuts the whole turkey and cleans the carcass.
That is not an easy job.

~ Menu ~
Grilled turkey
baked beans
Potato salad
Tossed salad
Fresh salsa
Banana cream pie


  1. Mother, I googled your blog and it came up! You really do a lovely job on these posts. <3 I will add you to my "favorites" bar so I can drop by more often. ;)

    1. What a sweetie! I love you! You are my little sunshine



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