Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bella Vista Mornings

  ~ My morning exercise at the track ~
Sunrise after my run

I love the solitude of the early morning hours.
I try to get out to the track by 4:25 A.M. before anyone else is out. 

It was already 71 degrees when I headed out today.


  1. Very pretty...that is mighty early. When I am in school that's usualy when I am waking up...smiles

  2. Oh my, aren't you wonderful up and at it by that time. I must admit I love getting up before the sun rises in Spring/Summer....but I am afraid it is not for running at the track. :)

  3. It's beautiful!
    I will join you at that time, but it may be in spirit as I sip my morning coffee. : )
    Have a cozy Sunday!

  4. Good for you to make the most of your mornings. Great picture. Such beauty.

  5. There really isn't a more beautiful way to begin the day than being created to a stunning sunrise like this. How wonderful that you're able to great these toasty spring/summer morns with such, dear Hope.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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