Monday, February 1, 2016

Snow Trip

This weekend we took a little jaunt up to play in the snow.
Here we are at our usual spot.

Not much snow here.
Those mountains in the distance should be covered in snow.

We threw a few snowballs. 
Mostly, this snow was too shallow and dirty.

We decided to find a better spot to play.

Here we are. This spot looks pretty fresh.

Off they go!

The wonderful world of snow!

We had a great snowball fight.

Overlooking Blue Canyon near Emigrant Gap

The road home

Blessed Snowmelt



  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip(s). Beautiful photos, Hope...thank you for sharing.

    Have a beautiful Monday, friend.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Oh how much fun snow is when you don't get to see it very often, although we get snow every year, I am still as excited as can be when it snows. There is just something so beautiful about the snow!!! :) Looks like you had a wonderful time, so nice to get away to the snow, and then back to the sun, pretty awesome!!!

  3. My you have been having fun adventures lately.....The Queen Mary, a trip to the snow. Glorious snow photos....tell me, where are you taking us all next????


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