Saturday, February 20, 2016

An Interesting Question

You may have already seen this
(I see that it has been circulating since 2007), 
but I just came across this interesting little question.

By the way...
Have you ever worn pennies in your penny loafers?


  1. Interesting....have a beautiful weekend, friend.

  2. That's incredible. I kept thinking there was some sort of trick. My son asked me to print it out so he can show his class.
    As for the penny loafers, I think it's a must, don't you? :)

  3. Oh yes, when I was a little girl I had a pair and my mom told me I had to wear pennies in them which I thought was the greatest thing ever :)

    Love and hugs to you, my friend!

  4. Hi Hope, a thoughtful question. Yes, I wore penny loafers and did put in shiny pennies. Thanks for the fun post. Blessings xo

  5. The question gets you thinking.
    I don't know if I had ever heard of the pennies in the penny loafers, interesting! I must have heard it somewhere right? LOL

  6. Good question. I hope I'll go for the penny, as I like to wait for good things, but a million dollars would be painful to turn down :-)


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