Monday, January 18, 2016

Still Workning on Perfecting My Bagel

I made bagels again last night. Two things I realize during this attempt – you need plenty of flour, and the bagels need to rise and get quite puffy before boiling them.

The first time I tried this recipe, using the exact amount of flour called for, I measured the flour by measuring it into the cup and using a knife to leave the top. I ended up with a very sticky dough. Last night when I made these, I scooped the flour with my measuring cup. The flour is more condensed that way. The dough was stiffer and less sticky. However, I think they still needed more flour to achieve the proper firmness so that the bagels puff up without collapsing when lifting it from the counter to place it into the boiling water.

The upside is, this recipe is mostly flour, which isn’t too expensive since we buy it in 50 pound bags at Costco. So, I don’t have to think that I am wasting too much money in my bagel experimentation.

The super upside, although my bagels are not yet perfected, they do taste delicious!

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