Thursday, December 3, 2015

Oh, So Many Tasty Temptations!

This is a photo from another year, but it still represents me BEFORE I started my diet (August 27 - 14 long weeks ago) this year.

After three days of delicious Thanksgiving feasting, I slipped up four pound on the scale. I have been working hard all week to shed that holiday cheer.

Last night, I was SO tempted to eat a slice of fresh homemade BREAD with BUTTER! But I made it through the evening, and I am happy to say that this morning, a week later, I am back to where I was before Thanksgiving.

I am determined to work diligently for the next three weeks before the Christmas Eve– hoping to lose five by then.

Focus! That word keeps me on track. It is a simple word, but so powerful.

So many tempting delights EVERYWHERE I look. Pinterest is such a wonderful distraction. However, I try to avoid the food world on Pinterest. Instead, I look at cozy rooms and holiday settings.

I wanted to post a photo from Pinterest, but I was not able to get permission, so you get a picture of my living room, instead.

~ Now you can see where I sit when I am visiting you ~

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