Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Cards

I just had to post something today to move on from my last post and that photo of me. Do you ever post something and later want it gone? I am tired of seeing that picture of myself.

So, I decided to show you my Christmas cards. I did not even know that I had them. They were packed away with the Christmas wrapping, which I just dug out yesterday. I bought the cards after Christmas last year, thinking I would be all set for sending them out on December 1 this year.

I know that I just posted that I was going to be very GOOD for the next three week, but I had forgotten that this evening I will be going to a friend’s house for pizza and dessert. Although I don’t have my calendar full, as some of you do, this was planned months in advance.
 {Inside of Nativity card}


  1. Your cards are beautiful, as are you!!!
    I just love writing out cards, don't you?
    I put on the music, pour a cup of tea, and get to it. : )
    Enjoy your evening out, my friend.

  2. What beautiful cards, my friend. I keep my cards from friends and family and love looking through them years down the road.

    Enjoy your pizza night with friends - sound fun and delicious :) Love and hugs to you!

  3. Let me tell you something (oh, oh here goes the southern twang, wink), you are just plum lovely...and I mean that...that was such a nice picture. I adore those cards...I have cards from over 20 years saved up and we were looking at them while we were decorating the tree.

    Enjoy pizza night, many Blessings

  4. With traveling last week and then being very (very!) busy with the VSS this week, I'm a bit behind on a lot of my holiday season happenings, but do hope to get our cards out by the end of the coming week (wish me luck!). I definitely have enough cards. I bought several boxes on (big time) sale last year after Christmas, none of which was more than $1.50 (and some were well under), so I'll be set for many years to come.

    Many hugs & happy Sunday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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