Thursday, November 19, 2015

What We Called a Photo Safari

My husband and I went down to the river at 7:00 with our morning coffee.

Our reason for going - we wanted to take photos of the salmon coming up the river.

Sad to say, this was our best shot.

It is really difficult to capture them, especially with an inexpensive camera.
They were jumping one to three feet out of the water, at times, but they were always gone as soon as we saw them.
At first I gingerly stepped across stones, attempting to keep my feet dry.
Eventually, that became impossible, 
and I ended up ankle deep in water in my endeavors to capture a photo of those fleeting fish.

My husband said that we were on a photo safari. 
It really felt that way, as I gave up my comfort in my quest for a photo.

Well, all I got for my efforts were wet feet.
It really was not as cold or uncomfortable as I expected it to be.
Next time, I should wear galoshes.
Here they come!
Up the ladder - I snap a photo - but again, too late.

Maybe next time.

Even without the success, it was a beautiful morning.

Only 5 days until Thanksgiving Day!
Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard by bulldoggrrl, via Flickr:

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