Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Rose Petal Blessings

I got up at 1:00 this morning to check the fire in the wood stove. It had gone out – completely.

I knew it would take a while to get going again, so I decided to chillax using the computer while I waited.

For entertainment, I went to Rose Petal Blessings Stephanie’s Etsy shop to browse her lovely handmade gifts.

Roses, Glorious Roses Tote Bag, Book Bag, Lunch Bag, Bible Case Shabby, Free USA Shipping 

These two beautiful tote bags were my favorite items. I thought about how nice it would be to send one to my sister Rita. I also thought about what fun it would be to have one for myself. But I could not decide between the two.

Blue Roses Tote Bag, Book Bag, Lunch Bag, Bible Case Shabby, Free USA Shipping

At 3:00 a.m., I decided to go back to bed. But I could not sleep. For 45 minutes I lay awake, imagining all the good ways I could use Stephanie's tote. I decided to get up and purchase both bags.

What lovely gifts they would make. Although I really wanted one for myself, I could not justify spending the money on myself, so I settled on sending both totes to two of my sisters.

My sister Joy is always doing nice things for me. She sent me this adorable teapot picture frame...
And this very homey tablecloth. 

I think she would like to receive a special something in the mail.

I am excited about these totes arriving at their destination and the pleasure they will bring to my dear sisters. Thank you, Stephanie, for your pretty little totes.

Two Tea Cup Coasters, Tea Gifts, Shabby, Tea Time, Decorative, Ornaments, FREE USA SHIPPING 

By the way – I did get myself a little something extra special - 
Stephanie's Tea Cup Coasters.
Only 2 days until Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Dearest Hope, you are simply the sweetest! I have truly enjoyed my visit this evening and had a delightful time reading your posts.

    First of all, the food on your table from the post today looked amazing! I could easily dig into your yummy pies :) And how wonderful that you has all of your kids at home - what a blessing!

    Secondly, the sketch you did almost 30 years ago brought a smile to my face - what a precious picture, dear Hope.

    And finally, you are so, so, so kind to mention my Etsy shop - bless you! I hope your sisters like their bags and it looks like they should get them tomorrow. I also hope you enjoy your tea cup coasters :) Thank you for supporting me, dear friend.

    Have a blessed evening and a lovely weekend. Love to you!

    1. My dear Stephanie,

      I am not sure how many people will see my little tale of your wonderful shop, but I am happy if someone might see my post and visit your shop. You do have such precious items.

      I am excited about the totes for my sisters and am sure that they will be delighted at receiving them. I am only sorry that I am not getting one. BUT... I do have the tea cup coasters to look forward to! Yeah me!

      Thank you for visiting with me Thanksgiving Day. What a treat for me.

      Happy Friday!


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