Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Fun

Today, I set the tree and put the lights on it...
12 strings - 6 white and 6 colored.

 ~ Stringing popcorn ~
This evening, we are stringing popcorn while watching White Christmas.

 ~ Placing popcorn on the tree~
I am still in the process... We need more popcorn strings.

~ Christmas lights ~
 My husband put up the lights last weekend to be ready for Thanksgiving Day.


  1. Good morning, my sweet friend!
    Everything looks so lovely and festive and cozy.
    I feel as if we are kindred spirits....
    Enjoying home and hearth...and holidays!
    Have a wonderful weekend. : )

    1. Hello Billie Jo,

      It is really cold out this morning - 25 degrees - that's COLD here in California.
      So, we really are enjoying the hearth this morning.

      I like the thought of being your "kindred spirit"


  2. Whoa, you are my hero, smiles... stringing popcorn!! WOW!!! ({{big smiles}}}

    Everything looks so pretty...we will get our tree next week, we always get a real one. Thanks for the many smiles on this dreary/rainy Saturday here in western NY. (ps. I love your home)


    1. Good morning Linda,

      My daughters love stinging popcorn. They would be too sad if we did not do it. It's pretty much a Christmas tradition around here.


  3. It is a chilly day here in Ca. we're not down to 24, but it is supposed to be that in a day or so....I live near Chico.
    Your Home looks so inviting and comfortable.....I love fall and winter and the cozy nights and days.
    I am really enjoying your blog...


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