Sunday, November 1, 2015

Celerating Autumn

Making my home sing through the little touches
 My daughter make
A lovely little cake
So like the beautiful leaves scattered on the ground

Every year, on November 1st
I hang white lights in our front windows.
It's our start the the holiday season.

This simple little tradition makes our house so cozy and my family so happy.

 Today we had our first rainy day of the season.
Praise the LORD for the rain!

Only 25 days until Thanksgiving Day!
Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard:


  1. Your lights look so festive! I had to pin them.
    The cake looks festive, too! Kudos to your daughter. Isn't it lovely when they do homemakery things?
    Have a terrific week Hope. Thank you so much for writing to me at Harvest Lane Cottage.
    Laura Lane

    1. Wow, Laura, it's like we are having morning coffee together! So nice to see you here!

      Thank you for your sweet gesture of pinning my window lights. You are so thoughtful!

      :) Hope


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