Friday, November 20, 2015

A Simple Meal

Really, this pie tasted much better than it looks.

This pot pie was not what I had planned to make.
I had planned on making a nice juicy, beefy pot pie.

Things took a different turn when I reached for a can of clam chowder to put in my son's lunch.

I opened the can to find cream of mushroom soup. Great. No one in my family likes cream of mushroom soup. My husband keeps buying it, though, and there always seems to be a can of it around. It must have been something his mother cooked with.

So, I decided to throw it into my pot pie. Well, as long as this pie was no longer going to be the pie I had planned  - I chopped up last nights left over French fries (because I hate to waste food) and threw those in as well (no one even noticed them mixed in with the potatoes ).

Now, I know that the pie was a success because my rather picky fellas all said it was delicious - they had seconds, too.

I think the thing that really made it good was the slices of cream cheese I tucked under the crust.
Only 5 days until Thanksgiving Day!
1950s anon Acme photo agency - mom basting thanksgiving turkey - front by blacque_jacques, via Flickr:


  1. I Think it looks divine!
    Finishing our shopping tonight!
    Have a cozy day, my friend!

    1. Hello Billie Jo,

      What fun! So much excitement - soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!



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