Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marie's Donuts

We drove over to North Highlands to get the best donuts ever made. Then we went to Gibson Ranch to eat our treats, a thermos of black coffee in hand.

(Something I did not notice right away about this photo: The two on the left are in orange, the middle fellas are in grey, and the two on the right are wearing blue. Additionally, the first of each set has a patterned top/shirt, while the second of each set has a solid colored top. None of this was purposely arranged.)
For this momentous occasion, a photo was taken.
See the similarities of our last visitors to Marie’s Donuts (2011)?


  1. They must be related, they both have donuts.

    1. Did you notice how Reggie struck the same pose as seen in the Freeman photo? He had seen the photo earlier.
      :) Hope

    2. It would have been a great coincidence.


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