Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

On the Menu:
Mother's Potato Salad
Iced Tea
Ice Cream
Lizzy's cake was so moist and delicious!

The fireworks show was spectacular!
I wished I had my camera. Why did I not take it! 
Adam was able to get of work just in time for the fireworks. He met up with us just outside the park gate and saved the $8:00 entrance fee, since we have a river/park pass.
We have an almost secret place on the driving range where we watch the fireworks. A few other people know about it; however, they stay at the edge on the pavement. Sprinklers go off about the time the fireworks show begins, but those people on the edge do not realize that only the first row of sprinklers go off, and once you are past those, you are safe from getting wet.
Bill always brings glow sticks.


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