Monday, April 21, 2014

A Wonderful Holiday Weekend

We had a great holiday weekend. Friday my husband cooked delicious Passover lamb on the grill. Saturday he barbequed chicken - he removes the skin (which I like because it’s fewer calories and the meat gets all the seasoning), brushes it with his oil and seasons mixture, grills it and finishes it off with K.C. Masterpiece barbeque sauce. Sunday he cooked our Easter ham on the grill, as well.

My husband cooks all the major meat dishes in our house (I do sausage or bacon, but that’s about it.) I leave the meat to him because he is an expert. Relaxing in the backyard when he is grilling makes me feel as though I am on vacation.

We colored eggs Easter morning and enjoyed a pleasant holiday breakfast with our children. The weather could not have been more perfect. This year, we did not get an Easter lily, but my husband bought me an orchid instead.
I hope all of you had a pleasant Easter, too.


  1. Your weekend sounds beautiful, my friend!
    I hope the upcoming week is just as cozy!
    The sun is shining beautifully today, and right now I have the family room door open and a fresh breeze is moving through...

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. How nice that your husband cooks on the grill. I was hungry after reading all that he made :) I'm glad you had a nice weekend. Have a wonderful week.


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