Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's the Weekend!

It is 5:15 on this lovely Saturday morning. My daughter is learning to drive, and we have been going out on Saturday mornings. We stop for coffee, and sometimes we stop and pick up a bag of those little powdered sugar doughnuts. (Oh how we enjoy those little donuts, and they are only $1.99 a bag.)

Although we don't usually leave the house until about 7:30, I like to have a time to wake up a bit and curl my hair before we leave. Having my hair curled is so important to the way I feel about myself. Oh that I had naturally curly hair.

While we are out, we will probably get candy for her new gingerbread house she is designing. She baked the gingerbread last night, so it is all ready to put together and decorate.

Later today, we plan to bake an apple pie together…the first of the season.

Hamburgers are on the menu for today’s main meal, which we usually eat around 3:00 on a typical weekend. 

Happy Weekend to YOU!

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