Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Bird Homes

Over the last few years, I bought these birdhouses and asked my daughter to paint them for me. The blue one was the first, then the gray, and last the colorful tropical one. My favorite was the blue because it has so much detail in the construction. But my daughter has done a nice job of adding her own details to the simpler designs. The tropical one looked like a church, but I did not want a church, so I broke off the steeple.

Little birds have actually made their homes in these little houses right on our front porch! The bottom two photos are of the houses hanging on the vines enclosing our front sitting area.

The blue house, which is the oldest, has been home to a bird several years in a row (don’t know if it is the say bird), and a little bird built her nest in the gray house this spring. The tropical house in new, but I will hang it near the others and see if we have any birds interested in moving in.

You might notice that the little blue house is bursting at the seams and falling apart. It has lost one of its front pillars. My husband was about to toss it last year, but I saved it.


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