Saturday, August 31, 2013

Coin Collecting

Barber Dime and Indian Head Penny

Way back, when I was still at home, I found these coins while cleaning out the insides of an old piano. My father let me keep them. I have kept them in a little glass box along with other old coins and coins from other counties that my husband has collected.

I have always known that they are not worth much because, for one thing, they are not that rare. However, I have enjoyed showing them to children who are always fascinated to see such old coins. Truthfully, they fascinate me as well.

Neither coin has a mint mark.

Some interesting information on these coins…

Mintage for Circulation: 80,717,011

The value of an Indian Penny ranges from $1 to $1.50 for common dates in worn condition.

Indian Head Cents - All struck at the Philadelphia Mint except 1908 S and 1909 S

In 1908 and 1909, the mint in San Francisco produced Indian Pennies and put an "S" mintmark on the reverse under the wreath. Both dates are rare and valuable, more so the 1909-S with a value of $392 in Good condition.

The next big standout date is the 1877. Every collector of Indian Pennies would like the 1877 in their collection and knows its value. 1877 Indian head penny value is the highest of all Indian pennies. Considered the key to the series, value and demand is greater for an 1877 than any other Indian penny…Worth $600 and up even when heavily worn, it is a popular date with collectors.

Mintage for Circulation: 19,760,000

Your Barber dime value is $1.75 to $2.53 for a common date coin in heavily worn "Good" condition. If your coin is better preserved the value increases to $13 and higher in "Extremely Fine" condition.
Dimes where produced in four locations throughout the county in 1909.
The most commonly found 1909 Barber dime was produced at the Philadelphia mint, using no mintmark.
Locate all mint marks on the reverse under the wreath.
The one you are hoping to find is the San Francisco coin, with the "S" mintmark. Check the coin values chart, $6 in Good condition rising quickly to over $125 in Extremely Fine condition.
The 1909 with the "D" mintmark, indicating the Denver mint, is a close second in value, $94 in Extremely Fine condition.
The third possible mintmark, an "O" indicates the New Orleans mint and a 1909-O is a $50 coin in Extremely Fine condition.


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