Thursday, April 18, 2013

St Patrick's Day Cake and Dinner

St. Patrick's Day Cake and dinner, yes that is the order it was eaten by my young son.  You may be wondering why a mother would allow such a thing. Well, I am just that kind of mother...I don't have strict rules on when dessert should be eaten. However, this St. Patrick's Day there even happened to be a good reason for it...or at least a reason...

But first thing first!

This darling, colorful cake was the first cake my teenage daughter ever made. She has, however, baked bread,cookies, and other goodies, even making up her own delicious recipes.

She did use a vanilla cake mix, which we make an exception for simply because, unfortunately, we have never found a white or yellow cake recipe as good as the mix.

The frosting, which she flavored with lemon extract for the darker green, and the cake colors were all her own making. I thought it was so pretty I had to have a few photos of it.

...We had planned to our eat holiday dinner around 3:30. (My husband prefers mid-day meals on weekends.) I had dinner ready on time, but the fellows were not finishes with their task of vehicle repair. I decide to keep dinner warm in the oven. 

By 6:00, the big fellows were still working. My young fellow was getting very hungry. He asked for cake, and since I did not want the meal started without the big fellows, I agreed he should have his cake.

Dinner ended up being a very casual affair
with everyone eating when and what they desired.
Sometimes, you just have to let it go.


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