Friday, February 8, 2013

That White Stuff . . .The albedo of cit­rus

I'm talking about the white layer under the orange peel . . .  Did you know that it is good for you?

One day, a friend, watching me eat "the white stuff" - properly called albedo - commented on how healthful it was to eat.

Really! I have always eaten it simply because I love it; it is especially entertaining when I am dieting and cannot have anything more to eat. (I do the same with lemons.)

Homegrown oranges and lemons seem to have a thicker and sweeter layer of albedo. In fact, even the peels are pretty tasty. (You are cautioned not to eat the peels of store bought oranges because they are often dyed, waxed, and contains allergenic substances.)

The albedo is a great source of pectin, which is said to lower cholesterol, control blood sugar,  and even curb appetite - suppressing hunger for several hours. The albedo also contains limonene, glucarate, which the body uses to fight cancer.

Read more, here, about why you should . . . Quit picking the white stuff off citrus

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