Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life Is N-o-t Like a Dream

How often do you dream something at night and then spend the next morning or day thinking about your dream?

In some of my dreams, I do amazing things… I like those dreams.

Last night I was running (in my dream, of course…wearing some sort of high school cheerleader outfit – white with a navy blue stripe trimming the V-neck sleeveless top and the lower edge of the pleated skirt). I expected to soon become breathless, but to my amazement, I kept right on going, finishing off a mile down the road with a few effortless leaps and bounds. Wow, I was good!

I awoke with a grand desire to live that dream. A few minutes after 7:00, dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and my running shoes, I headed out into the foggy morning. A chill was in the air; it was about 37 degrees – not too cold for shorts, right?

Five times around my block equals 2 miles; I have measured this with both my pedometer and my vehicle . That was my goal – 2 miles.

I ran half a block, walked half a block, ran and walked (thinking all the way that I should have worn gloves – my fingers were freezing) until I finished 2 miles – gasping, wheezing, and panting for breath.

As I said, life is NOT like a dream.

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