Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandmother’s Apron

I have been eagerly waiting to become a grandmother; however, since I do not have any married children, I should be rejoicing that I am not yet a grandmother.

My sister and I were talking last week, about how wonderful it is to have grandchildren. She has them; I do not. Yes, she tells me it is indeed a joy – you get to enjoy them, without all the responsibilities. The only sad thing is that they do not love you the most. As it very well should be, they love their mother the most.

We reminisced about the excitement we felt in going to our grandmother’s house. Only, we did not get to see her much, because she lived too far away.

Then she told me how her grandchildren do not get very excited about seeing her. They seldom run into her arms to be kissed and loved. So, she has resorted to bribing them – they kiss her and she gives them a bit of money. The littlest, who does not speak clearly hugs her and says, “where’s my dowher?”

What! I cannot believe it! Oh, she assures me that it is true.

Well, I decided if it ever comes to that, my grandchildren would have to give me more than a hug and a kiss! I shall have myself an apron that I wear when they visit. As long as Grandmother has her apron on, we will play a little game of “Happy Times at Grandmother’s House”. Only after I remove my apron will the performance be over, and they shall receive their actor’s allowance.

Yes, I can see it now…happy grandchildren around my kitchen table as I pass out the milk and cookies and collect the hugs and kisses.

Christmas at Grandmother's House

Enjoy the grandchildren!


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  1. Hope, I don't have grandchildren either! My neighbor has 4 little ones and they all hug her! She sings to them and makes them laugh! Today is Halloween and I miss little ones. Happy day to you!


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