Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Garage Sale Treasure

After our morning exercise last Saturday, we passed a garage sale while driving home. My husband looked over at me and asked if I wanted to stop. No, I did not. I have a small house, and I cannot fit much more into it than it presently holds.

"Let's just have a look," he suggests. "I will buy you anything you want, Honey”, he says with a drawl, and laughs. Such a big spender… I told him that I just might take him up on that offer.

Well, I did see something that I have been looking for – a teacup and saucer. However, I am a tightwad, and I will not spend $10 on it; I want it for $5. So, I passed that one up and am still looking for my hidden treasure.

My husband found a shelf for $5. It was a good price, but I don’t know where I am going to put it just yet.

Just as we were leaving to go, he saw this lovely bowl with the green grapes and leaves pattern. It was $3.00, and I was not sure that I wanted to spend that much on a bowl at a garage sale. We both like grape patterns, so I gave in and bought it. Then I was so glad that I did; as soon as I held it in my hands, I fell in love with it. I am such a fickle girl!



  1. That is a great find! You and your hubby are adorable!!! xox

  2. You and your husband sound so cute together! I love it :) Your garage sale find is very lovely and has a sweet story behind it. Have a nice day, Hope!

  3. I want to go yard saling with you and your husband, one has to admire a chap who offers to buy his gal whatever she fancies! :) Tony is quite fond of yard sales, too, much to my immense happiness.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I like the bowl with the green grapes. Such a unique item that you found. :)

  5. Such a pretty bowl, I love it! I love garage sales but I don't love actually GOING to them. I like the deals but I don't like making myself drive to sale after sale, especially during a hot day and when you don't find anything.

    So I tend to just stop at one if I happen to see it when I am out and about. I really love that your husband suggested you stop, lol!


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