Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Anticipation of the Holiday Season...

Homemade raisin bread and plum jam
 I am making a few diet changes now to allow for a few splurges during the holidays.

One small change: Usually I drink whole milk in my coffee, only indulging in half- &-half with sugar on holidays and special occasions. However, in preparation for the upcoming holiday season, which in our family starts the week of Thanksgiving Day and runs through New Year’s Day, I am going to drink my coffee black from now through the month of October (maybe even up to Thanksgiving Day).

Another small change: No more butter on my toast

Did you notice my retro styled diner coffee cup? I have always loved the diner look and found these dishes online; they make me so happy. I love using a saucer when I have a cup of coffee – it makes a simple cup of coffee more like a snack, or even a meal.

Additional way to encourages small changes: I chose the 8” dinner plate when purchasing my dishes to encourage smaller portion sizes.

I think these dishes are so cheerful, especially against this bright little red dish rack.


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