Saturday, September 29, 2012


Lizzy is up to her creative little ways again. She is always making new recipes, most often it is for some kind of treat. This time, it is ginger candy. She makes this and sets it out on the table, before long everyone has eaten it up. She always makes very small batches, as you can see in the above photo. 



  1. Hard candy is one thing I haven't made, but would love to try my hand at. I love making fudge, but it's not hard candy :) I haven't had ginger candy before...I'm not sure how I would like it since my memory of ginger is of my mom boiling ginger root and making tea for me when I was sick. Let's just say it doesn't give me good memories! But the candy looks quite tasty! I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.


  2. How thoroughly delicious looking! I've always adored ginger, and find it calling to me most of during the nippy months of the year (probably because I often include it in things like spice cookies and hearty rice pilafs).

    ♥ Jessica


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