Thursday, November 24, 2016

Our Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

I forgot to take a photo of the table before we sat down to eat.
So I decided to take one of my dinner plate.
Mashed potatoes - oh so creamy and buttery - and gravy, 
Sausage-Cracker Stuffing - I always make a double batch of this because everyone LOVES it,
Golden orange garnet yams (AKA sweet potatoes) slathered in butter,
Corn, also slathered in butter,
and juicy whole cranberry sauce.
Oh, yes, and fresh bread rolls,
but I never eat one on Thanksgiving Day, because I can eat bread any ol' day.
We also always have sparkling cider - oh yum.

The food is delicious, but the best part of Thanksgiving Day is having the family all together.

Thanksgiving Day Has Arrived

~Thanksgiving Day Morning~
The day is just getting going.
We always have dessert for breakfast on this wonderful holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful Eve

~ All the baking is done ~
Time to curl up on the couch by a warm fire and enjoy an evening with the family.
U.S. "Weekend in the Ski Country", 1955.  U.S. Brewers Foundation //  by Haddon Sundblom  (1899-1976). "Sundblom gets pigeonholed as the painter of Coca-Cola Santa Clauses, but this trivializes his central place in 20th century advertising art. More than any artist including Norman Rockwell, Sundblom defined the American Dream in pictures, proved by his work for virtually the entire Fortune 500.:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day!